The OSRS Cat: A Feline Companion in Old School RuneScape

In the vast and immersive world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players encounter a diverse range of creatures, quests, and adventures. Among the notable characters in this virtual realm is the OSRS cat, a feline companion that adds a unique element to the gameplay experience. In this article, we will explore the features, interactions, and significance of the OSRS cat, shedding light on why it has become a beloved part of the game for many players.

  1. Acquiring an OSRS Cat:

To obtain an OSRS cat, players must complete the “Gertrude’s Cat” quest. This quest takes players on a heartwarming journey to find Gertrude’s lost cat, Fluffs, and ultimately rewards them with a cute and mischievous kitten.

  1. Raising and Caring for the OSRS Cat:

Once acquired, the OSRS cat requires attention, care, and nurturing from the player. The cat starts as a kitten and gradually grows into an adult cat over time. Here’s what you need to know about raising and caring for your OSRS cat:

a. Feeding: Cats in OSRS require regular feeding. Raw fish, such as sardines or shrimp, are the primary food source for kittens and cats. Players can acquire these fish through fishing or by purchasing them from various in-game locations.

b. Attention and Playtime: Interacting with your OSRS cat is essential for its well-being. Players can engage their cat in play by using various cat toys available in the game, which helps keep the cat happy and content.

c. Cat Training Medal: As your cat grows and becomes an adult, players have the opportunity to train their cat using a Cat Training Medal. Training allows the cat to perform helpful actions, such as catching rats or providing benefits during certain quests.

  1. Cat-related Quests and Activities:

The OSRS cat opens up several quests and activities that revolve around feline companionship. These quests include “Rat Catchers,” where your cat can assist in hunting rats, and “A Tail of Two Cats,” which delves deeper into the feline lore within the game. Additionally, players can participate in the “Crazy Cat Lady” random event, where they help manage a group of mischievous cats.

  1. Cat-related Items and Rewards:

The OSRS cat also introduces a variety of cat-related items and rewards for players to collect:

a. Cat-related Clothing: Players can obtain cat masks and hats, allowing them to show off their affinity for feline companions in their character’s appearance.

b. Cat-related Minigames: OSRS features minigames centered around cats, such as the “Maze,” where players guide their cat through a labyrinth to receive rewards.

c. Pet Cat: Players who invest time and effort into raising their OSRS cat can unlock the option to obtain a pet cat, allowing them to keep a feline companion by their side throughout their in-game adventures.

The OSRS cat brings an extra touch of charm and companionship to the world of Old School RuneScape. From the initial quest to acquire a kitten to the various interactions, quests, and rewards associated with cat ownership, the OSRS cat has become a beloved feature for many players. Its presence adds depth, engagement, and a touch of whimsy to the gameplay experience, fostering a connection between players and their virtual feline friends. So, whether you’re a cat lover or simply seeking new adventures, the OSRS cat is ready to join you on your journey through the immersive world of Old School RuneScape.